Kids Karate

Little Dragon’s Program

The Little Dragons program has been specifically designed for children 4 – 6 years of age with less focus on techniques and a greater focus on cognitive and social skills.  Our instructor has extensive experience with children and the class is designed to be fun and kid friendly. Our Students will learn the building blocks of Kempo Karate as well as gaining physical and mental benefits. Students will practice both social and emotional skills. The in class drills improve fine and gross motor skills, balance and coordination. Discipline and respect for both themselves and others will also be practiced during each class. This class is 30 minutes and runs 2 times per week. This class prepares most children for Youth Karate Classes.

Youth Karate Program

This program has been specifically designed for children 7 – 13 years of age. The Youth curriculum introduces more substantial martial art skills along with the concepts of focus, teamwork and discipline. The purpose of this program is to help the student develop as well as get them ready for the Teen Program. The Youth program offers daily lessons starting at age 7. These lessons develop self-esteem, confidence and self control. The class will also teach discipline, help channel aggressive energy while developing lifelong self defense skills. The classes are exciting and will also encourage positive work ethics and academic values. The environment, though demanding, is one of achievement through individual growth. By focusing and trying hard, our students realize that they can be highly successful in Martial Arts and also in every day life.